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Martha Hoffman

Training Director

As a small child, Martha spent her time staring at ants, catching crayfish and snails for pets, and drawing every animal she saw or imagined. She ignored other children unless they had pets.

Photo of Martha Hoffman
When she did not talk until age 4, her parents discovered she was Hard of Hearing. Luckily, Martha's older cousin was also obsessed with animals, and Martha finally felt a sense of kinship with the human race, and awe for an amazing person. She became his disciple, helping him feed his snakes, toads, and his 12 large turtles that lived in his family's second bathtub.

Although she caught or bought every animal she could, her parents never allowed her to have a dog. This became an even stronger desire than any of the other pets could satisfy. Finally at age 25, Martha got her first dog, stopped dragging home unfortunate wild animals, and has continued with personally training hundreds of dogs in agility, tracking, film acting, obedience, Schutzhund/IPO, Cancer Detection, and Hearing Dogs.

Her first Malinois, Amok Ot Vitosha ("JEKYLL") SCH3, IPO3, was an international Schutzhund competitor several times for the US World Team. Martha's second Malinois, Gotcha, is her 11 year old Hearing Dog. Gotcha has many talents; tracking, Service Dog work, entertaining demos to educate about the HDP. Gotcha now has a new hobby- she is a detection dog volunteering for the Human Ovarian Cancer Detection study at the Pine Street Foundation.

Martha is the author of Lend Me An Ear, about Hearing Dogs. She is working on a second book, this time specifically on training methods for Hearing Dogs.

Photo of a hearing dog balancing a ball on his nose.
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