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Photo of trainer and two dogs
Photo of man and hearing dog
Photo of trainer and hearing dog

Photo of a hearing dog balancing a ball on his nose.
Dogs in Training or Recently Graduated
Spring/Summer 2014

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We appreciate your ongoing support for the
Hearing Dog Program.

Without your donations we could not continue providing loving Hearing Dogs to people who are deaf or
hard of hearing.

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Photo of Squee
Photo of Toledo
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Photo of Stacy w/2dogsPhoto of Sammy and Sharon
Photo of Paris

Before and after photos of Jon Provost

"The Hearing Dog Program enriches the lives of the dogs they train. And the dogs in turn open up new worlds for the lucky recipients. As a result, the devotion that develops between them is like no other. Take my word for it, one of life's greatest gifts is the bond between a dog and his owner."...Jon Provost

Picture of the sign for "W"  hat is a Hearing Dog?

Hearing Dogs alert their deaf or hard-of-hearing guardian to everyday sounds such as the smoke alarm, the telephone,and the doorbell. The Hearing Dog Program is dedicated to training rescue dogs for this purpose, enriching the lives of their guardians and improving each person’s independence and quality of life.     More...

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